What is asthenozoospermia

What exactly is asthenospermia ? Asthenozoospermia refers to a condition in which the forward motility of sperm (grades a and b) in semen parameters is less than 50% or the sperm of grade a movement is less than 25%. Asthenozoospermia is also known as low sperm motility.

What exactly is asthenospermia? What are the harms of asthenospermia ? The following points are the common harms of asthenospermia:

1. Because the sperm of asthenospermia patients have certain quality problems, and even if such sperm can combine with the egg, the result is ideal. Not necessarily anymore.

2. The conception of asthenospermia has certain chances. Even mild asthenospermia sperm motility is lower than normal, so the quality of sperm cannot be guaranteed. Pregnancy in this case is eugenic. There are still certain disadvantages in consideration of the perspective.

3. The low sperm motility will lead to the inability to achieve the best combination of sperm and eggs. Normally, only the forward moving sperm can ensure that the sperm reaches the ampulla of the fallopian tube and combines with the egg to form a fertilized egg. 4. Many pregnant women will have premature birth or miscarriage

during pregnancy . These may also be caused by insufficient sperm quality, so we should pay enough attention to asthenospermia.   What exactly is asthenospermia? The prevention of asthenospermia is the key. Here are some measures to prevent asthenospermia:   1. Try not to use or use less chemical agents. It is best to put the clothes back from the dry cleaner for a few days before wearing them, because dry cleaning agents will affect Male sexual function; go to bed before 11 o’clock every day , sweat every day, try to eat unprocessed pure natural food.   2. Prevent various infectious diseases that endanger male fertility, such as mumps and sexually transmitted diseases .

3. If you find that the testis has different changes than usual, such as swelling, hardening, unevenness, pain, etc., you must be diagnosed and treated in time.

4. Avoid excessive noise. According to data, males live in an environment with noise of 70-80 decibels for a long time, and their sexual function tends to be weakened, and their sexual function will be disordered if they live in a high-noise environment of more than 90 decibels.

5. Avoid prolonged masturbation. It will cause slow congestion of the prostate, lead to aseptic prostatitis , affect the nutritional content, quantity, viscosity, and pH of semen and induce infertility.

6. Do not eat too greasy food, quit smoking and alcohol. The reproductive cells in the testicles are affected by the harmful components in tobacco, resulting in poor sperm quantity and quality, resulting in infertility or deformed children. Excessive alcoholism can cause chronic alcoholism, poor sperm development or loss of mobility.

7. Avoid fatigue: Work in moderation, avoid fatigue, and relax your mind. Overwork and mental stress will have a negative impact on the growth of sperm.

8. Avoid steaming baths: go less to sauna rooms and steam baths. High-temperature steaming baths can directly damage male sperm and inhibit sperm production.

9. Avoid obesity: do more outdoor sports to prevent obesity. Excessive obesity in men can cause the temperature in the groin to rise, impair the growth of sperm, and lead to infertility.