Eating more watermelon can cure male infertility

Eat more watermelon to treat male infertility

  Experts said that researchers have recently discovered that many fruits can cure infertility problems. Certain fruits, such as watermelons, grapes , tomatoes , and lycopene, found in certain shellfish, can increase sperm counts in infertile men.

  The researchers surveyed 30 men suffering from infertility. Since the experiment began, six couples have successfully conceived. “We found significant improvements in sperm count and motility. Oral lycopene therapy does appear to be beneficial for unexplained infertility,” the researchers said.

  The researchers said: “In the body of infertile men, the content of lycopene is low.” The men under investigation were between the ages of twenty-three and forty-five. , Oral two mg of lycopene twice a day. It was found that there is a direct link between lycopene index and infertility.

  Watermelon and grapes can effectively increase sperm count. After three months of oral administration of lycopene, doctors found that 67% of patients’ sperm condition had significantly improved. Seventy-three percent of patients had more active sperm, and 63 percent had improved sperm structure.

  Experts said that to solve male infertility, men can eat more watermelon and grapes. Watermelon and grapes contain a lot of lycopene, which can effectively produce sperm and treat male infertility.