How can men prevent asthenozoospermia

How to prevent asthenospermia ?

  1. Try not to use or use various chemical agents as much as possible. It is best to put the clothes back from the dry cleaner for a few days before wearing them, because dry cleaning agents will affect the sexual function of men ; go to bed before 11 o’clock every day , sweat every day, eat as much as possible Unprocessed and pure natural food.

  2. Prevent various infectious diseases that endanger male fertility, such as mumps and sexually transmitted diseases .

  3. If you find that the testis has different changes than usual, such as swelling, hardening, unevenness, pain, etc., you must be diagnosed and treated in time.

  4. Avoid excessive noise. According to data, males live in an environment with noise of 70-80 decibels for a long time, and their sexual function tends to be weakened, and their sexual function will be disordered if they live in a high-noise environment of more than 90 decibels.

  5. Avoid prolonged masturbation. It will cause slow congestion of the prostate, lead to aseptic prostatitis , affect the nutritional content, quantity, viscosity, and pH of semen and induce infertility.

  6. Do not eat too greasy food, quit smoking and alcohol. The reproductive cells in the testicles are affected by the harmful components in tobacco, resulting in poor sperm quantity and quality, resulting in infertility or deformed children. Excessive alcoholism can cause chronic alcoholism, poor sperm development or loss of mobility.