What kind of diet can cause male infertility

Speaking of “disease enters through the mouth”, people always think of gastrointestinal diseases . In fact, male infertility may also “disease enters through the mouth”.

  First of all, fertility is closely related to nutritional factors, and nutritional deficiencies or excesses may lead to male infertility. When malnourished, vitamins A, B, C, E and trace elements such as zinc, calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium, etc. are deficient, and sperm production decreases and vitality decreases. Animal experiments have also shown that malnutrition can reduce the amount of semen and the content of fructose in the semen that provide energy for sperm activity. Overnutrition in juveniles often leads to obesity. Fat deposits cause the loss or decline of pituitary gland function, and the release of male hormones cannot or decreases. Children are prone to symptoms such as small testicles, small penis , lack of secondary sexual characteristics, and feminization

  Secondly, long-term consumption of certain foods added with nitrite food preservatives or m-sulfonamide food colorants, raw cottonseed oil, celery, etc., can also lead to a decline in the number and quality of sperm.

  In addition, scientists from the UK Government’s Medical Sciences Council found that octylphenol, bisphen-A and butylbenzylphthalate, which are widely used in the manufacture of baby bottles, have been linked to reduced sperm counts and reduced testicular size in men in recent decades , cans, food packaging bags and other inner wall coating.