What are the harms of cigarettes to men’s sperm

Nicotine in cigarettes can kill sperm , cause sperm dysplasia, increase the proportion of deformed and defective sperm, and even cause sudden mutations in sperm chromosomes, resulting in genetic changes. Excessive smoking can also increase the content of thiocyanate in semen, thereby inhibiting the motility of sperm. The survey found that: the longer the smoking age and the greater the amount of smoking, the lower the number of sperm, the higher the deformity rate of sperm, and the lower the motility of sperm. If you are going to have a healthy baby, it is best to quit the bad habit of smoking 3 months to six months before the planned conception.

  Alcohol has a strong toxic effect on reproductive cells, can damage sperm and affect the development of embryos. Long-term heavy drinking can cause male fertility to decline. It has been proven that alcohol can slow down the synthesis of testosterone and affect the normal metabolism of testosterone, resulting in hypofunction of the gonads, affecting the production of sperm and the quality of semen. Some people in western countries like to drink too much, and they often get drunk on Sundays. The babies born after having intercourse at night are called “Sunday babies”. These babies are often weak, stunted, and even deformed or demented. Therefore, it is best for men to drink less or even no alcohol two or three months before planning to conceive to ensure the quality of sperm. Excessive drinking in men can also cause impotence or temporary impotence.