What is the relationship between male infertility and occupation

What kind of man is prone to infertility. The following types:

1. Men  in the financial industry are five times more likely to suffer from infertility than normal people, because men in this industry need to pay attention to the changing economic situation and financial market for a long time, eating, sleeping , drinking water, and going to the bathroom They are afraid of missing the opportunity. Experts pointed out that, coupled with excessive mental tension, physical and psychological fatigue, the damage to the sperm is great, and infertility is more likely.

  2. Educators, men in this industry are seven times more likely to get sick. Many people admire teachers and think that they are a more responsible profession, but they don’t know that male teachers suffer from long-term chalk dust pollution, busy running, and management. Students, etc., have no time to take care of their own bodies, let alone physical health . Therefore, male teachers are prone to infertility.

  3. Friends who drive for a long time, for some driver friends, long-term sedentary driving requires constant attention, and any mistake is fatal. The driver is fixed in the seat for a long time while driving, and his energy is highly concentrated, so he cannot perform relaxation activities , causing long-term oppression on the urinary tract, affecting its blood circulation, it is easy to cause prostate diseases . In addition, driver friends are often on business trips and are affected by environmental factors. There are more chances of catching colds and gastrointestinal inflammation, resulting in lower body resistance, and prone to repeated urinary system infections and prostatitis infections ; It is also easy to induce this disease. People who drive often drink less water and often hold back their urine, which is a direct stimulus to the urinary tract, which is likely to aggravate the symptoms of prostatitis and bring hidden worries of infertility.

  In addition, some male friends who are often exposed to chemical and radioactive substances will also increase the risk of infertility. These raw materials contain many harmful substances, some of which can affect the normal development of sperm, and work in a state of high radiation for a long time , It has a supine effect on the development of the testicles, so it is recommended to operate in strict accordance with the relevant work requirements, so as to avoid causing greater harm to the body.