Poor sleeping position can also lead to infertility

Men are a group of people with relatively high social pressure. Long-term stress can easily lead to physical fatigue. This negative situation is one of the reasons affecting male infertility. In addition, poor sleep posture can also lead to male infertility. Let experts introduce to you the reasons why improper sleeping positions lead to male infertility.

  First of all, sleeping on the stomach for a long time will oppress the male scrotum, which can easily cause frequent nocturnal emission, dizziness, back pain, fatigue, and lack of concentration. In severe cases, it is not enough for normal work, life and fertility. become seriously affected. Young people and people with frequent nocturnal emission should pay attention to correcting this sleeping position, so as not to aggravate the condition.

  In addition, the scrotum is also an important reproductive organ for men. If you want the scrotum to function normally, you need to maintain it at a certain temperature, otherwise it will inhibit the production of sperm . Especially sleeping on the stomach will cause the temperature of the scrotum to rise, thereby affecting the number and quality of sperm production. Therefore, men who like to sleep like this must change their sleeping positions in time.

  Experts point out that it is best for men to sleep on their backs or on the right side, as long as they do not oppress internal organs and are conducive to rest. In addition, attention should also be paid to avoid testicular torsion, which is more common in thin adolescents aged 12-18. Since the blood vessels that supply nutrition and transport metabolites pass through the testicle, if the nutrition for the testicle cannot be supplemented in time, especially if the testicle is over 12 Hours later, symptoms of ischemia and necrosis will occur. Although many patients experience testicular torsion as a result of strenuous exercise, some suffer from accidents where the testicles and penis are squeezed between the legs while sleeping on their side.