How Men Overcome Premature Ejaculation with Self-Exercise

Qin and Ming have been together for almost ten years from elementary school to university, from friends to lovers, but they felt disharmony within less than a year of marriage. They are all dissatisfied with the current status of their sex life. Li said that Yong was gentle, considerate, and behaved very well, but it didn’t last long;

  What is the reason? It turned out that Qin Heming had sex before marriage. At that time, they were afraid of being discovered, so they “quickly resolved” every time. After a long time, it became a habit, and they could not change this problem after marriage.

  Analysis: This is not a sexual physiological problem, but a typical sexual psychological problem. Traditionally, the emphasis on avoiding premarital sex is only based on the requirements and explanations of morality and chastity. In fact, the hazards of premarital sex are equally serious for boys and girls. Premarital sex, if pregnant, will have a great impact on the girl, if not pregnant, will have a great psychological harm to the boy.

  Because when premarital sex occurs, especially men are more nervous, afraid of being discovered by others, so they should complete it as soon as possible psychologically. Over time, men will form a sexual psychological conditioned reflex of “finishing as soon as possible” in their brains. So even if you get married, this conditioned reflex that has been formed still exists.

  expert advice

  1. After understanding the causes of sexual dysfunction caused by premarital sex from the perspective of sexual psychology , both parties should consciously start with reducing the frequency of married life and get rid of the unhealthy psychological patterns established before. 2. When creating a new sexual psychological model, couples start from being lovers and first lovers, review the love process, and visit the road of love. Then both parties start from scratch in a safe and warm family atmosphere, fully enjoying the beauty of life. 3. In particular, the wife should dress herself up as carefully as when she was in love, and fully mobilize and re-cultivate her husband’s freshness towards herself. 4. In the future married life, the wife should deliberately maintain a sense of distance from her husband, and must not “respond to every request” and let the husband continue to strengthen new sexual psychological and physiological signals.

  Overcoming premature ejaculation self -exercise

  The cause of premature ejaculation is that the penis, especially the glans, is not used to being stimulated and is too sensitive. The treatment method is as long as the glans gets used to the stimulation and the sensation becomes dull.

  The easiest way is to massage the glans with a towel while taking a bath. The massage is too weak to be effective, so you need to apply moderate intensity when massaging. After 3 months of continuous practice, the skin of the glans will be exercised, and the penis will become strong and durable.

  Ejaculation control training Masturbation first, when you are about to ejaculate, stop the stimulating action, and then hold back hard, wait until the orgasm fades, and stimulate again, this is an exercise method that you can do yourself. Repeat this action about 3 times. This method is called squeeze training (the squeeze method). At the beginning, there will be more or less failures, but as long as you get the hang of it, you can suppress the urge to ejaculate at any time.

  In addition, for people with phimosis, the glans is usually wrapped in the foreskin and cannot be stimulated by underwear and other objects. Premature ejaculation is inevitable, so the problem of phimosis should be dealt with first. If it is pseudophimosis, you should usually pay attention to exposing the glans.

  In addition, when ejaculation is about to occur, it is also quite effective to use methods such as reciting mathematical formulas and historical year numbers silently.

  Another way is to provide a sensitive penis, you can wear two condoms to reduce the friction on the penis , and it is quite effective. When wearing a condom, the first one must be worn completely to the end, and the second one must be worn to the middle or so to play! In this way, it can last longer. Of course, it’s okay to wear 3 or 4 condoms, but don’t forget to observe whether your partner feels it or not!