Is there any direct relationship between impotence and masturbation?

Masturbation is a common sexual behavior among men and one of the standard methods of sexual life. Can masturbation cause impotence ? In fact, there is no direct relationship between impotence and the occurrence of masturbation. In fact, some people worry that masturbation will induce impotence, and some people actually have impotence afterwards. But modern medicine has proved that the occurrence of this kind of impotence is not because masturbation damages the sexual organs in essence, but because of the mental and psychological factors caused by long-term masturbation. In fact, the psychological activities of masturbators are very complicated, and they are often anxious, shy, depressed, and uneasy. Such unhealthy thinking activities will hinder the normal performance of sexual function. However, even a long-term masturbator may not experience impotence as long as the above-mentioned various mental “pimples” can be relieved.

According to the survey, 96% of men and 55% of women have masturbated before marriage. From a psychological point of view, proper masturbation can relieve and relax the sexual impulse and tension in adolescence without causing harm to others. The main problem of masturbation is that many people have too much psychological burden afterwards, such as fear, guilt, anxiety, and inability to rest on their own, which lead to adverse effects on normal work and life.

Does masturbation cause impotence? In fact, there is no direct relationship between the two. Many young men have not had a normal sex life, and they just think that their penis is not hard enough when they are erected, so they are confused about impotence. This is unnecessary. Generally speaking, the hardness of penile erection is related to the method and duration of stimulation. The hardness of penile erection in the case of masturbation or sexual pleasure is different from that during normal sexual intercourse. The hardness of penile erection will be higher during normal sexual intercourse. Besides, if it is not It is difficult to insert the penis into the vagina, and the hardness of the penis does not have much influence on the sexual life. I hope you can have an accurate understanding of masturbation. It is not harmful to the body if you do it properly, but masturbation is not a normal way of sex life after all. This method, on the contrary, will cause psychological discomfort in the future when real couples have intercourse, so the number of masturbation should still be controlled.