How to prevent prostate disease

If you want to prevent prostatic hypertrophy, you need to pay attention from young adults. The key is to have a moderate sex life, neither indulgence nor abstinence. Frequent sex life will make the prostate in a state of congestion for a long time, so that it will cause or aggravate the enlargement of the prostate. Therefore, especially in youth when sexual desire is relatively strong, pay attention to sex life, avoid repeated congestion of the prostate, and give the prostate enough time to recover and repair.

 keep clean

The scrotum of men is highly flexible, secretes more sweat, and the genitals are poorly ventilated, which is easy to hide dirt, and local bacteria often take advantage of it. This will lead to prostatitis , prostate hypertrophy, and decreased sexual function. Dangers can also occur if not noticed in time. Therefore, insisting on cleaning the perineum is an important part of preventing prostatitis.

 prevent cold

  The weather is cold in autumn and winter, so you should pay attention to keeping warm. Prevent the occurrence of colds and upper respiratory tract infections; do not sit on cool stones for a long time, because the cold can increase the excitement of the sympathetic nerves, resulting in increased internal pressure of the urethra and reflux.

massage health care

  You can do self-massage before going to bed to achieve the purpose of health care. The operation is as follows: take the supine position, straighten the left foot, place the left hand on the Shenque point (belly button), rotate with the middle finger, index finger, and ring finger, and at the same time use the three fingers of the right hand to rotate and massage the perineum point, a total of 100 times . Switch hands and do the same. There are Qihai, Guanyuan, and Zhongji points around the navel, which are considered by Chinese medicine to be the location of the Dantian. This kind of massage is beneficial to bladder recovery. A little massage after urinating can promote emptying of the bladder and reduce residual urine volume. The perineum point is the point of life and death, which can pass through the two channels of governor and governor. Massage can speed up the blood circulation in the perineum, and play the role of anti-inflammatory, pain relief and detumescence.

  In addition, poor urination will increase the burden on the prostate. If you feel difficulty in urinating, you can use the method of sneezing and spitting. The method is to gently stimulate the nose with a sterile cotton swab to sneeze, or use a feather to spit in the throat to open the upper orifice and facilitate urination.

  The above methods of preventive maintenance should start from youth. It is also necessary to develop regular and scientific living habits in daily life. For example, eat less irritating food such as chili in the diet; drink as little alcohol as possible to avoid repeated congestion of the prostate and bladder neck (restraint sex life); reduce the occurrence of constipation . Drink a glass of warm boiled water on an empty stomach every morning. It can prevent constipation, dilute the blood, and have a mechanical flushing effect on the urethra, preventing residual urine from concentrating and forming stones.

  In short, prostate disease is a disease that most men will have. We should understand it and start preventing it in youth to spend a relaxed life.