How to scientifically prevent male infertility

 In today’s society, due to various work and psychological factors, more and more male infertility

  How to correctly prevent male infertility master the following 6 points:

  ⑴ Popularize health knowledge and master the principles of conception. With the advancement of medicine, knowledge of sex is no longer a mystery and shame. Wide publicity should be given to people to understand sexual knowledge, reduce the incidence of diseases , especially reduce the occurrence of diseases in sexual organs, and create favorable conditions for pregnancy.

  ⑵ Prevention of male infertility Early treatment of disease, prevention first. Many diseases can cause infertility. If these diseases can be detected early and treated thoroughly early, they will not develop into infertility . Such as pelvic inflammatory disease , if it can be thoroughly treated in the acute stage, it will not become chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. If chronic pelvic inflammatory disease can be treated in time and thoroughly, it will not necessarily cause tubal obstruction, nor will it lead to infertility. Another example is that men suffering from mumps often cause orchitis. If it can be treated early and pay attention to rest, the occurrence of orchitis can be avoided, and it will not affect the production of sperm , which is conducive to conception.

  (3) Prevent infertility and reduce surgery, and pay attention to the first pregnancy. Some of them will cause infection and fever due to unclean operation or careless postoperative conditioning, resulting in salpingitis , endometritis , or the formation of annex inflammatory masses, resulting in infertility. Some infertile patients have experienced irregular menstruation or intrauterine adhesions due to curettage, artificial abortion or cervical polyp removal . These diseases and syndromes all affect fertility. Reducing surgeries and emphasizing first-born abortions are of positive significance in preventing infertility.

  ⑷ Prevention of infertility Sexual life control is beneficial to seeds, which is extremely important for the prevention of male infertility.

  (5) Pay attention to self-protection and reduce the occurrence of infertility. Some people are engaged in some special jobs, such as exposure to radiation, certain toxic substances, and high-temperature work. They should take serious measures in accordance with the provisions of labor protection regulations to protect themselves and reduce the factors of infertility to a minimum.

  ⑹ prevent infertility, cheerful mood, reduce mental stress. It is the hope of life for a couple to have children after marriage, but they are often too eager to conceive a child. Especially elderly people or those who have been married for several years and have not conceived are more nervous, which interferes with neuroendocrine function.