What should be paid attention to in the diet of infertility

 In our daily life, we have a lot of common sense that food is incompatible . For example, dog meat and mung beans cannot be eaten together. For patients with infertility, pork and shrimp cannot be eaten together. If they eat together, it will undoubtedly make the disease worse. , what is the specific reason.

  Shrimp can be divided into freshwater shrimp and sea shrimp. Freshwater shrimp, sweet and warm in nature, has the functions of nourishing kidney and strengthening yang, and promoting breast milk; sea shrimp, sweet and salty in nature, also has the function of warming kidney and strengthening yang, and excitatory function.

  Pork helps dampness and heat to cause fire, so the two match each other and consume human yin essence. Yuan Zhu Zhenheng said: “Pork nourishes qi. The common people think that pork nourishes yin, but it is wrong! It only nourishes yang; today’s deficiency is not in yang but in it.” Yin, nourishing yin with meat is based on fire and water, covering the meat into the stomach, and it becomes damp and hot.” Yin deficiency and excessive fire, avoid pork and shrimp.

  Pork can not be served with coriander. “Drinking Meals Are About”: “Pork should not be eaten with coriander, it will rot people’s intestines.”

  Coriander is pungent and warm, its nature is scattered, and it consumes qi and hurts the mind. Pork is greasy and helps dampness and heat to produce phlegm. Han Jin said: “All meat is nourishing, but pork is not nourishing.” One consumes energy and the other does not nourish, so the combination of the two is harmful to the body but not beneficial. Coriander, also known as coriander, can remove fishy smell. It is suitable to eat with mutton.

  If eating shrimp alone is helpful for azoospermia patients, but if it is eaten together with pork, it will have bad effects due to some principles of mutual generation and restraint. It is also necessary to pay more attention.