How to do health care for patients with infertility

 Every disease will have its own health care work, including azoospermia. Now I want to tell you what health care can be done for azoospermia patients. This problem may be a bit big. Here are a few of them as the key points .

  Ⅰ. Male friends should learn hygiene.

  Men should develop good hygiene habits, because private parts are sometimes more prone to dirt than other places. The foreskin and scrotum should be cleaned every day; the following situations should be avoided as much as possible, such as soaking in hot baths, taking saunas, riding bicycles, wearing tight and poorly breathable pants, driving, sitting on sofas, etc.

  Ⅱ. Regular physical examination and vaccination .

  In fact, the immunity of many men in life is not as reliable as that of women . Regular physical examination can not only prevent many diseases, but vaccination can also prevent some infectious diseases, especially those that may affect reproductive health .

  Ⅲ. Do some exercise appropriately.

  Pay attention to maintaining proper exercise in life. Exercise can not only maintain healthy physical strength, but also an effective way to reduce stress. Men with greater stress can consider exercising for 30 to 45 minutes a day. Exercise can reduce stress in moderation.

  There are many kinds of health care that azoospermia patients can do, and these are relatively easy to do, and the effect is not bad. Azoospermia patients should not underestimate them because of their simplicity, sometimes the simpler ones are often more effective. And problems like hygiene habits, even if it’s not for azoospermia, usually need to be cleaned up. The health care of patients with azoospermia should start from the little things in life, and receive good health care effects from the small to the big.