3 Manifestations and Methods of Man Qi Deficiency

These 3 manifestations of men are qi deficiency

1. Changes in stool

  When men have qi deficiency, the shape of the stool is soft and sticky, which is mainly because of their digestive function problems. After waking up in the morning, some men will experience dizziness, chest pain and shortness of breath. This is due to the deficiency of lung qi caused by spleen deficiency.

  2. Significant changes in the tongue coating

  You can check the health of the spleen and stomach through the tongue. Under normal circumstances, the surface of the tongue should be bright red, and there will be a thin and clean tongue coating on the tongue. If there are tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, it means that there is something wrong with the body . If the tongue coating is white and thick, and looks moist and smooth, it means that there is cold in the body. If the tongue coating is thick, yellow and rough, it means that there is damp heat in the body.

3. Appetite will decrease significantly

  When moisture enters the body, it will damage the spleen. Its main function is to digest and absorb the nutrients in food, which can provide energy for the body. When male qi is deficient, there will be decreased digestive function and loss of appetite.

What to do if a man is short of breath

  1. If you want to do a good job in the conditioning of men’s qi deficiency, you must ensure sufficient sleep, ensure high-quality sleep, and avoid staying up late, so that the body can get enough rest and ensure the recovery of the body.

  2. When a man has sex, he will consume a lot of energy. If the number of times is too much, it will cause certain damage to the kidneys of the man. Therefore, the sex life of a man must be carried out according to his physical condition, and the number of times of sex life can be controlled. Ensure the health of men’s bodies.

  3. Men with qi deficiency can eat more tonics, such as animal kidneys and livers.

  Fourth, we must actively carry out physical exercise , so as to ensure that the male body has a relatively good quality. Only after the physical quality is improved, the man’s body can ensure health and the improvement of male qi deficiency.

  5. If men are deficient in qi, they need to eat more nourishing substances, especially things that strengthen yang and nourish the kidney, such as leeks, mutton, pig kidney, dog meat, sea bass, etc., will have a good effect on nourishing men. At the same time, black sesame seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, lychees, cherries, kiwis, etc. can also be eaten appropriately.

  6. At the same time, if you want to improve the condition of kidney deficiency, you can walk for an hour a day, which can exercise the male body well, especially walking can exercise the kidneys and bladder of men, especially taking Tai Chi steps, which is good for exercising the kidneys and bladder, etc. It has a very good effect. If you can’t master the Tai Chi step, just take a big step forward.

  What to eat for man’s qi deficiency

1. Mutton and quail soup

  Quail is comparable to ginseng, the king of tonics, and is known as “animal ginseng”. Mutton and quail soup nourishes qi and blood, nourishes yin and strengthens yang. It can improve men’s physical weakness, blood deficiency, dizziness, emaciation, pale complexion, etc. after illness. It is a good choice for men to replenish qi and blood.

2. Chinese yam and wolfberry fresh mushroom pig tail soup

  Oxtail is a very good food for invigorating qi and nourishing blood for men, and it also has the effect of strengthening muscles and bones and strengthening the body. Added yam that can regulate the spleen and stomach, and wolfberry that can nourish yin, can alleviate the problem of poor blood in men, and have a certain effect and effect on alleviating qi deficiency.