Prostatitis can cause infertilit

With the increasing pressure of social work and life and the increasing openness of sexual concepts, the number of men suffering from prostatitis is increasing day by day. but you know what? If prostatitis is not treated in time, it will lead to infertility.


Prostatitis iscommon reproductive system disease in men . Symptoms of prostatitis include frequent urination, urgency, painful urination, back pain, and infertility. So why does prostatitis cause infertility?

  How does prostatitis cause male infertility?

  sperm delivery disorder

  Chronic epididymitis, epididymis fibrosis, nodule formation, vas deferens, ejaculatory duct obstruction and other changes in output ducts caused by prostatitis, resulting in partial ejaculation difficulties, or sexual obstructive azoospermia, thus causing male infertility .

  Semen does not liquefy

  When the prostate has chronic inflammation, the activity of a large number of liquefying enzymes in the prostatic fluid decreases or the secretion decreases, the coagulation factors increase relatively, and the seminal plasma may contain bacteria, a large number of white blood cells, and may even be mixed with a large amount of pus, making the semen not easy to liquefy. The viscosity of the sperm will also increase significantly, which is not conducive to the normal activity of sperm. resulting in male infertility.

  Decrease and change in semen

The volume of ejaculation for healthy men is 2-6ml per ejaculation, because the volume occupied by sperm is very small, so the volume of semen is basically equal to the volume of seminal plasma. When the prostate is inflamed, the secretion of seminal plasma decreases, which is not conducive to the survival and activity of sperm; on the other hand, the amount of seminal plasma sometimes increases, which reduces the density of sperm and dilutes sperm, which also affects reproductive function and causes male infertility .

  Changes in semen pH

  Seminal plasma contains quantitative nutrients to support sperm and help sperm motility. In chronic prostatitis, some bacteria and inflammatory cells may be mixed in seminal plasma, lactic acid substances will also increase, bacterial toxins and metabolites are also excreted in seminal plasma, bacterial survival and inflammatory cells also consume a large amount of nutrients and Oxygen makes the living environment of sperm extremely harsh, so it cannot give full play to its fertility, thus causing male infertility.

  Eat more fruits to prevent prostatitis


  The prostate contains a certain amount of antibacterial factors, the main component of which is zinc, and its antibacterial effect is similar to that of penicillin. When a person is suffering from chronic prostatitis, the zinc content is significantly reduced, and it is difficult to increase. Compared with commonly used zinc-containing drugs, apple juice has more curative effect than drugs with high zinc content, and is safe, easy to digest and absorb, and easy to be accepted by patients.


  Like tomatoes , watermelon also contains a lot of lycopene. One inch-long slice of watermelon contains lycopene equal to four tomatoes.


  Tomatoes and carrots contain a lot of β-carotene, which can encourage your body to absorb lycopene in tomatoes, which may reduce the chance of prostate cancer by 32%.

Can prostatitis cause infertility? What are the hazards of prostatitis?

  fresh grapes

  250 grams of fresh grapes, peeled, pitted, smashed, add appropriate amount of warm water to drink, 1-2 times a day.

  sugar cane

  500 grams of sugar cane, peeled, cut into sections, squeezed, drink, 2 times a day.