These 5 types of women are most likely to make men impotent

Common sexual dysfunctions in men include impotence , premature ejaculation , non- ejaculation , and loss of libido. In addition to its own factors, the cause of the disease cannot be ignored.

  The first category, the woman does not cooperate

This is more common before marriage. Before marriage, because the woman is afraid of pregnancy, pain and bleeding, being discovered, and falling out of love, etc., she often has a fear of sexual intercourse, and she has no sexual life experience. The woman often cannot cooperate or refuse, which often leads to the failure of the first sexual intercourse, and even affects future sexual function. After marriage, the woman is conservative in thinking, or dissatisfied with the marriage, or in the case of physical discomfort, bad mood, emotional transfer, etc., often adopts a passive or refusing approach, which can lead to sexual dysfunction such as loss of libido or impotence in the man over time.

  The second category, women mocking

Due to physical fatigue, irritability, physical weakness after illness, etc., the man occasionally suffers from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, etc. The woman not only cannot understand this, but instead complains or teases or even insults each other, which eventually leads to sexual dysfunction. difficult to recover. If the woman ridicules the man’s personality, interests, work, status, appearance, etc., it can hurt his self-esteem and cause the man to lose interest in sex life.

  The third category, women’s charm decline

Differences in personalities and hobbies between the two parties, or vulgar words and deeds of the woman, ugly body, poor grooming, dull sex life, or infidelity, etc., often lead to estrangement between husband and wife, thus making the woman lose her charm to the man. The man’s loss of libido, impotence, and non-ejaculation can result from this.

  The fourth category, pregnant women

During pregnancy and childbirth, due to the long period of abstinence, the man’s sexual desire is suppressed for a long time, which may also lead to impotence and premature ejaculation.

  The fifth category, the woman is sick

The woman suffers from certain chronic diseases such as heart disease, hepatitis, nephritis, vaginitis , tumor or allergies to the man’s semen, etc. The man’s sex life cannot be as he wants, which can inhibit sexual desire and lead to sexual dysfunction. In addition, the woman’s hypersexuality can make the man fearful and affect sexual function. The above factors are often not single, but complex. In a nutshell, any woman’s factors that can cause the man’s unhappiness may lead to the man’s sexual dysfunction.