Proper urination can also protect the prostate

 Prostate disease is a high incidence of men , and the incidence will increase with the age of men. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the prostate from now on. How do men protect the prostate?

 Men’s prostate care methods

  1. It is best to squat when urinating, which can increase abdominal pressure and accelerate urine discharge. If it is not convenient in public places, you might as well try it in your own home.

  2. Usually do more levator ani exercises to enhance the contraction force of the perineal muscles and urethral muscles, so as to reduce the residual urine in the bladder as much as possible.

  3. Do not hurry to urinate, especially those with prostatitis and benign prostatic hyperplasia. Sedentary office clerks should get up and move around every 40 minutes after sitting down, kick their feet and stretch their waists. Drivers who have been driving for a long time should also pay attention to changing their sitting posture so that the prostate can get sufficient blood supply.

  4. When urinating or taking a shower, you can use your fingers to squeeze the perineum between the scrotum and anus, so that the residual urine in the bladder can be discharged in time, which is beneficial to chronic prostatitis.

  5. After male urination, the internal and external sphincters of the urethra are closed, forming a closed cavity in the urethra of the prostate. Sitting down immediately after urinating will increase the pressure in the cavity, which will cause urine reflux, and the bacteria in the urethra will take advantage of it. machine, thereby inducing or aggravating prostatitis. It is best for men to walk or stand for 3 to 5 minutes after urination, so that the urethra can return to its natural state before sitting down.

prostate diet

  1. The diet should be mainly light, and at the same time eat more vegetables and fruits. For example: pumpkin seeds, peanuts, almonds and other zinc-containing foods, eat less spicy and stimulating things, and quit alcohol to reduce the chance of prostate congestion.

  2. You should drink plenty of water and develop good eating habits. Experts pointed out that eating too little will not only cause dehydration, but also is not conducive to the flushing effect of urination on the urinary tract, and can easily lead to the concentration of urine and the formation of stones. Drinking water can be appropriately reduced at night to avoid overfilling of the bladder after going to bed, and more water should be drunk during the day.