There are 7 ways to treat impotence in men skillfully

Mild: Sexual requirements are basically normal; erections can be achieved quickly after being stimulated by the opposite sex; masturbation can cause erections; the penis can be erected during intercourse but cannot last, or the penis can enter the vagina with light help from the hands; the penis is erect but not firm; sexual intercourse Frequency decreased; sexual pleasure was acceptable.

  Moderate: weakened sexual desire; slow erectile response after stimulating the sensitive area; inability to erect immediately after being stimulated by the opposite sex; masturbation, the penis is barely erected; the penis often cannot be erected during intercourse, or the erection cannot last long; G cannot enter the vagina; the erection angle is less than 90°. , and the hardness is extremely poor; the frequency of sexual intercourse is significantly reduced, and the sexual pleasure is significantly reduced.

  Severe degree: Loss of libido, no matter whether stimulating the sensitive area, accepting heterosexual stimulation, or masturbation, the penis has no erectile response; the penis cannot be erected during intercourse, and cannot enter the vagina; the penis has no erection angle and hardness; sexual intercourse activities basically stop, no Sexual pleasure.

  Self-prevention of impotence

  Impotence is not terrible, it can be corrected through self-prevention and health care.

  1. Eliminate psychological factors: have a full understanding of sexual knowledge and fully understand the influence of mental factors on sexual function. To treat “sexual desire” correctly, it should not be regarded as something shady and disgusted and feared; one or two failed sexual intercourse should not be depressed, worried, and lack of confidence; both husband and wife should increase emotional exchanges, eliminate discordant factors, and cooperate tacitly. You should care, caress, and encourage your husband, try to avoid showing dissatisfaction, and avoid causing mental pressure to your husband; you should concentrate during sexual intercourse, especially when you reach the peak of sexual pleasure and are about to ejaculate .

  2. Sexual intercourse: Excessive intercourse for a long time and indulging in pornography are one of the causes of impotence. Practice has proved that it is an effective measure to prevent and treat impotence for couples to separate beds, stop sexual life for a period of time, avoid various types of sexual stimulation, and let the central nervous system and sexual organs get a full rest.

  3. Improve physical fitness: Weakness, excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, intense and persistent mental work are all pathogenic factors. You should actively engage in physical exercise, enhance your physical fitness, and pay attention to rest to prevent overwork and adjust the functional imbalance of the central nervous system. .

  4. Using the accumulated urine in the bladder can stimulate peripheral nerves, increase the excitability of sexual nerves, and enhance the erectile ability of the penis? Therefore, before sexual intercourse, leave some urge to urinate, and master this point proficiently, and you can get a certain effect ( patients with premature ejaculation should not use this method).

  5. Take advantage of the natural erection of the penis in the morning to conduct appropriate training, and it is easy to succeed in having sex in the early morning.

  6. When the erection of the penis is not firm but can be erected, you can use the sexual intercourse position suitable for the semi-erect state to have sexual intercourse, relax the tension of sexual life, make sexual life easy, and the penis can naturally restore erectile function.

  7. Drinking a small amount of alcohol before sexual intercourse can relieve psychological inhibition, increase the excitement of the brain’s sexual center, and enhance the erectile function of the penis, but it must be noted that only a small amount of liquor can be drunk.