What are the common treatments for male impotence?

 If a male friend finds that he is suffering from impotence , he must carry out active treatment to prevent him from causing greater harm to himself or his family. Although knowing that impotence is very harmful, it is often difficult for male friends to immediately judge whether it is impotence, which also affects the treatment to a certain extent. So, what tests should be done if you suspect impotence?

What should be done to check for impotence?

  1. Laboratory examination: In addition to blood and urinalysis, prostatic fluid and semen routine, liver and kidney function, blood electrolytes, blood sugar, blood lipids, and thyroid function, serum testosterone (TE), thyroid-stimulating hormone (LSH), Luteinizing hormone (LH), prolactin (PRL), etc.

  Patients with impotence should have at least one test of serum testosterone. If it is within the normal range, no further examination of other hormones is required. If the serum testosterone level is low for the first time, it is best to repeat it again, and measure LSH, LH, PRL, etc. at the same time. If the testosterone level is still low for the second time, the patient may have hypogonadism

 2. Special examinations: when necessary, in qualified hospitals or specialists, mainly including penile vibration quantification, penile dorsal nerve somatosensory evoked potential test, night penile erection test and other nervous system examinations, as well as penile erection hardness, penile systolic blood pressure , Penile blood flow measurement, penile arteriography and other vascular system examinations, and further make a more definite diagnosis of the disease location and disease lesion degree of impotence.

 How is impotence treated best?

  1. General treatment: treatment should be carried out according to the cause of the patient. Many patients have impotence , which is mainly caused by psychological factors. Therefore, it is necessary to fully understand the disease process of the patient, find the cause from it, and carry out psychological guidance . Relieve the patient’s ideological concerns and effectively enhance self-confidence, so that the erection can last for a long time, which is of great help to the treatment of diseases.

 2. Auxiliary treatment: Acupuncture and massage are mainly used to effectively promote blood circulation. In daily life, men can massage the groin of the penis before going to bed , which is conducive to promoting blood flow. At the same time, men should face it correctly. For impotence, you should communicate more with your wife in your daily life and master some sexual knowledge, which will be helpful for adjuvant treatment of the disease.

3. Drug treatment: taking some drugs orally can treat the disease in the simplest and most direct way, effectively regulate the patient’s spirit, and also use drugs for the urethra, especially for bacterial infections. Avoid causing urethral swelling and pain, avoid causing urethral bleeding, so as not to cause dizziness and general discomfort in patients.

 4. Diet therapy: patients should eat some aphrodisiac foods in daily life. You should eat some dog meat, mutton, and bullwhip to nourish your kidneys. This is good for body regulation. Zinc supplementation is also effective. You can also eat the liver of some animals, which will help improve the ability of sperm and improve libido.