What are the typical symptoms of male infertility

Men are troubled by many problems, such as what are the adverse symptoms of infertility? In fact, many men don’t understand the symptoms of male infertility, so they don’t care. They only go for a physical examination when they want to have children. But do you know that if you miss the best period, you may be infertile for life, now let’s pay attention to what are the bad symptoms of male infertility

 How to know whether a man is suffering from infertility early

  Common male infertility symptoms:

  1) When a man suffers from infertility, if he touches slowly from top to bottom along the spermatic cord with his hands, he will find a large group of soft and tortuous lumps like earthworms in the scrotum. This symptom shows that Varicocele appeared.

  2) Men’s normal semen is usually off-white or slightly yellow, and if the color is pink or red, it means bloody semen. But it is also a manifestation of male infertility symptoms.

  3) If a man has testicular swelling, pain, and the testicle becomes smaller after the swelling and pain disappear, it may be due to testicular inflammation or sexual atrophy caused by testicular torsion, usually with germ cells Irreversible damage, eventually triggering symptoms of male infertility.

  The main symptoms of male infertility are these. If you have any of them, you have been diagnosed as infertile. You need to go to a regular hospital in time . You must actively treat it, for yourself and for your baby.