How do men’s underwear affect a man’s fertility?

The biggest victim of briefs is pushing the testicles. Tight underwear fixes the scrotum and closes to the abdomen, which greatly weakens the function of regulating the temperature of the testicles, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the testicular environment and hindering the spermatogenesis process of the testicles. Coupled with the blocked blood supply, the sperm in the testicle will also be destroyed, endangering fertility.

  In addition, a doctor of medicine named Shafiq in Egypt found that compared with men wearing pure cotton underwear , men who wore pure polyester underwear or half cotton and half polyester blended underwear had lower average testicular temperature and plasma hormone levels. Affected, the number of sperm dropped significantly, and many people suffered from oligospermia, but they can return to normal after taking off the polyester underwear for 4 to 8 months. In addition, polyester underwear can also generate an electrostatic field in the sexual organ tissue, which affects the sexual function of men to a certain extent.

  Loose panties or baggy boxers are good for a healthy man. The trousers are made of pure cotton, and the color should be light-colored (to reduce the damage of dyes). Where to buy new underwear, it is best to wash it with clean water before wearing it, so as to reduce harmful substances as much as possible.

  In fact, the increasing life pressure and workplace pressure in real life are already serious, and male infertility makes men’s lives worse. Therefore, in daily life, all men are asked to stay away from the above-mentioned daily life behaviors. Love your family and love yourself