It’s okay for a man to ejaculate multiple times in one night

As people become more and more open about sex, sex life is becoming more and more common. Many people who love each other will have sex without getting married. Some men will ejaculate many times in one night in order to show that they are powerful. The following editor will teach you how to ejaculate multiple times in one night . If you want to learn, just take a look.

  Is it harmful to ejaculate multiple times in one night

  Whether multiple ejaculation in one night is harmful depends on the individual’s constitution, but no matter what the constitution is, don’t forget to perform sexual health care afterwards. Carrying out sexual health care can make sex life more lasting and harmonious. Whether you can ejaculate multiple times a night is related to your body, age, mood, environment and the attractiveness of the other party.

Some people are healthy  even if they ejaculate several times a night , while others feel tired after one ejaculation, it depends on the specific situation. From the perspective of western medicine, repeated ejaculation does not harm the kidneys, but attention should be paid to the impact on the spirit and nervous system. It seems that a person should fall asleep, but still make love reluctantly, lack of energy may cause difficulty in erection, resulting in anxiety. Occasionally, it’s okay to adjust it. If you do it often, it may further cause adverse effects on endocrine, cardiovascular, prostate and digestive tract, and people are prone to aging.

  How to Ejaculate Multiple Times in One Night

  1. Drinking water tonic method

  After one-time life, you must drink water for tonic. If you add medicinal materials with nourishing effect to your daily drinking water, it will be a convenient and long-lasting method that can be accumulated over time. Through continuous accumulation, it is also a very effective method.

  Raw materials: 5 grams of Shanseyu Ganoderma lucidum, 8-10 pieces of wolfberry, 2 grams of black tea.

  Method: Soak the three raw materials in boiling water for about 2-5 minutes, and then they can be eaten. Only put the raw materials once a day, and brew repeatedly until the water is colorless and tasteless.

  Efficacy: Take 7 days as a cycle. After 7 days of continuous use, stop taking 7 days, that is, only take two cycles per month. Generally, if you continue to use it for one month, the phenomenon of kidney deficiency and weakness can be significantly improved . Watching is enhanced, the time is extended, the quality of life of sexual orgasm is greatly improved, and sexual intercourse can be fully satisfied.

  Description of raw materials: In order to achieve better results, it is recommended to use super-grade Shanseyu Ganoderma lucidum. The price of genuine Shanseyu is more expensive, and the price of 100 grams is about 1,000 yuan. Goji berries must be full. Black tea can be bagged black tea or tea leaves, as long as it belongs to the category of black tea, such as Jinjunmei, Lapsang Souchong, etc.