Situations that are prone to premature ejaculation in men


Premature ejaculation is a relatively common sexual dysfunction disease in life , but most people don’t know the cause of this disease very well, so what are the common causes?

  premarital sex

Some young people have sex before marriage. Due to nervousness and excitement, they ejaculate in a hurry , and it is difficult to change the established ejaculation method after marriage.

  history of masturbation

Some people have a history of excessive masturbation. Although masturbation itself does not directly cause premature ejaculation, because they are afraid of being discovered by their parents or roommates during long-term masturbation, they always want to end as soon as possible, so they develop the habit of hasty ejaculation.

  organic cause

Premature ejaculation caused by organic causes is often accompanied by different degrees of impotence , such as prostatitis , seminal vesiculitis, diabetic neuropathy , seminal fumigation, urethritis, and short penis frenulum.

  Less intercourse with the opposite sex

In social interaction, they have little contact with women , and they are too cautious and shy when they are with women. Some people lack sexual knowledge, have a sense of mystery about sexual organs, and are prone to nervousness and panic, resulting in premature ejaculation.


Some people attach great importance to the semen ejaculated during sexual intercourse. They are affected by one drop of semen and ten drops of blood, and worry that sexual life will damage the body. Excessive worry can cause premature ejaculation, but excessive indulgence can cause sexual dysfunction, and premature ejaculation can also occur.

  too little sex

Some people are prone to premature ejaculation due to the stress of work, study and life, or the separation of husband and wife, or a long-term business trip by one husband and wife. There are also some people who worry about premature ejaculation and intentionally reduce the frequency of sexual intercourse, causing sexual tension to accumulate continuously, which in turn aggravates premature ejaculation.

  The relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious

In a family headed by a woman, premature ejaculation may occur due to excessive fear, excessive admiration, strong inferiority complex, or potential hostility towards his wife. When the husband is dissatisfied with his wife, it is often a quick ejaculation as an outlet for sexual desire. In addition, sometimes the woman suffers from inflammation of the reproductive tract, and sexual intercourse can cause pain, so the woman requests to end the sexual intercourse as soon as possible, causing premature ejaculation.