These factors are the reasons why men do not ejaculate

Not being able to ejaculate is a top priority for men, and it is related to a man’s face. In fact, this means that some problems have occurred in your physical health .

What are the reasons why men do not ejaculate ?

  1. Mental and emotional factors

The emergence of many diseases comes from psychological factors, because some bad symptoms in the heart will be reflected on the outside, otherwise there would be no such thing as “words are like a person”. Most of the symptoms of non-ejaculation in men are the result of the inability to excite the ejaculation center. Or some indecent behavior before marriage, excessive masturbation, dissatisfaction with one’s other half, etc. will all lead to the appearance of this symptom. And one of the biggest reasons is that the sex education I received from childhood was incomplete, distorting sex into some dirty things, or overinflating myself, thinking that my sexual ability is more than that, doubting my own ability, resulting in inability to concentrate Do one thing, and you can’t ejaculate if you can’t reach the intensity.

  2. Insufficient understanding of sex

If many men don’t fully understand this matter, they will feel a kind of embarrassment to drive ducks to the shelves. Wrong posture, wrong strength, or wrong method cannot make intercourse go on perfectly. And some people will act too hastily, leading to some bad consequences such as fear, fear, and pain.

    3. Some factors of the woman

After all, a slap really can’t be slapped loudly. If you don’t get the perfect cooperation from the other party, you can’t do this job to your heart’s content, so the attitude of the woman is very important. If she is very afraid of this matter, or if she has poor physical fitness and is afraid that she will get pregnant, she will easily frustrate the man and cause the symptoms of not ejaculating.